When you were born

(I was already dead)

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 LYRICS (excerpt)
Hurry up baby I still care about you, You’re too slow.

I have to break through. But at some point,

I run away I run away I run away from you.

I think much faster You sit and I stand! I jump higher,

even hand in hand.

You reach the crest, just in your slow head.
When you were born I was already dead.


Official Public Relations

When you were born (i was already dead)

BRUNHILDE are widely considered to be the new sensation in the genres of Metal and Punk Rock from Germany. Lead singer Caro Loy and guitarist Kurt Bauereiß were discovered by master-producer

Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian, Helloween).

The band’s first single is released on the 8th of May. Its title:

“When You Were Born (I WasAlready Dead)”.
After a quiet, acoustic intro, the song shows

true colours all at once: unlimited power at full speed!

BRUNHILDE hits you like a sledgehammer with tons

of hard riffs and blond poison!
Caro: “I’m very resolute, lively, straight-forward – and impatient. That’s what the first single ‘When You were born....’ is all about.” The singer continues:

“Kurt writes all the music and then I come up with the lyrics.

The acoustic, slow intro inspired my lyrics. You see, while others tend to be rather slow and take lots and lots of time contemplating, when and how they could start doing something, I have mostly already taken care of everything by myself. Before they even get up, I’m already in bed again."
In other words: “When You Were Born (I Was Already Dead)!” According to Caro’s motto:

“Life’s too short to be a time-waster!”



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